Famous Local Guide

Alexis Zotos


You know Alexis Zotos from the nightly news, but you might not know she's one of St. Louis' biggest foodies.


Let's get the toughest question out of the way first: which signature St. Louis dish is your favorite?


"Toasted Ravioli, hands down. My favorite place to eat it is at Farotto's in Rock Hill. "

What's your celebration spot?

Taste Bar

"You can't have a celebration without a good cocktail and for those celebratory nights, whether big or small, you can find me toasting at Taste in Central West End. Whether you cozy up to the bar and watch the talented bartenders whip up a fantastic drink, or sit under the lights on the patio, its the perfect spot."

Central West End

Favorite St. Louis neighborhood?

RISE Coffee House

"I live in the Central West End and love the neighborhood vibe, but you will often find me in The Grove, from coffee at Rise to burgers at Laylas, and beers at Urban Chestnut, you can spend the whole day there eating, shopping and listening to live music. "

The Grove


What's an under-the-radar attraction that you'd recommend to visitors?

City Museum

"While the City Museum is a no brainer for kids, adults should also check it out! There's booze on the roof and a Ferris wheel, don't miss out on St Louis' biggest playground! "


Do you have a favorite guilty pleasure dish?

Southwest Diner

"Biscuits and Gravy at Southwest Diner. The best in town, share it with a friend to make it a little less guilty. "


Which St. Louis event do you look forward to every year?

"LouFest! I love how they're incorporating more local bands plus you can't beat Forest Park for a more perfect setting."

Describe St. Louis in three words.

"Under The Radar. Most people (local and not!) still don't realize how lucky we are to live in a city filled with diversity, great food and all at an incredible affordable price. "