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Fallout Morris


In our quest showcase all thats local and good, check out our interview with Larry "Fallout" Morris, on behalf of the St. Louis group iLLPHONiCS. We explore the story behind the band, their influences, STL favorites, and what's next in 2017.


What is the story behind Illphonics?

"It's a fascinating and long story but to make it simple as possible, most of the group grew up in University City. Most of us have known each other since 6th grade but started making music and performing together our sophomore year in High School. Chaz (Drums and Vocals) and I have grown up together through family connections. Chaz and Simon, AKA Spank (Bass) played Jazz combo at U.City. I ended up at Webster University where I met Kevin my Freshman year while in the Audio Program (Guitar and Vocals) and we started to make music. "

Who are some artists who have influenced your music?

"Too many to name, but the genres that influence us are Gospel, Jazz, Blues, Hip-Hop, R&B, some Bluegrass, and Rock. Each member is tied to one or more of the genres listed through playing and listening taste."

What was it like to play at LouFest?

"Simply amazing. It's the pinnacle you want to reach as an artist in Saint Louis, so we felt accomplished and honored to be there. We have had to work very hard to get to that point, so to be able to have many of our fans who have been supporting us since our days at Webster University and the many new ones there was well worth it! "


What upcoming concert are you excited about?

"No one in particular as we like playing all the time as much as possible, but we will be playing in front of the Central Library on May 16th for their Hip-Hop Appreciation week, so that's going to be awesome. We are also excited for our #Trendslyers tour as we will be on the road a ton this year, and we like traveling."

What's your favorite song and why?

"Each member has a favorite song, so it varies. We all agree that out April 2016 release "Gone With The Trends" under our label The Record Machine out of Kansas City, MO is our best work to date. If I had to pick a personal favorite, it would be 96to99 as we have an excellent video out for it that we shot down near the riverfront."

Where can you be found on the weekends?

"Each member is vastly different, but when we are not on the road or playing shows here, Chaz plays in churches and spends time with his daughter. Simon plays in multiple sidebands and is all over the town. Keith is with his family, making music (he and Chaz also produce), and creating some new exciting dish. Lena is spending time with her children and her close-knit family. Kevin is running his new venture eMAP (Environmental Music & Arts Project), running and recording sound, and on the music scene. I am working on iLLPHONiCS and my Social Media business SquaredSMS, working out, writing songs, and helping my Mom if needed. We all practice together as a band on Sundays."

Why St. Louis?

"We love Saint Louis. It's our home, and we know that this city has a rich music culture that needs to be amplified. We find pride in doing such. We've been to over ten different states from California to Iowa, and the diversity of our music is almost unrivaled except in the biggest markets. Saint Louis is a Blues hub, the birthplace of Rock and Roll, and a Jazz Haven. Not to mention some of the BEST musicians in the country come out of this town and end up helping to make music for the biggest acts in the world."