Famous Local Guide

Ken Bone

Undecided No More

This election has produced a whirlwind of gaffs, mini-scandals, talks of walls, and of course, Billy Bush-Gate. There's a lot of disagreement, but regardless of what side you are on, one thing that we can all agree on is that America's favorite undecided voter has provided some much needed comic relief during this election cycle. From the moment we laid eyes on him, Ken Bone and his infamous ensemble have won the hearts of the nation. Olio City is going behind the scenes to get to know more about the man behind the red sweater.


What is the coolest thing you have gotten to do since the debate?

"I flew to Washington DC to shoot the piece for IZOD. I saw the Lincoln Memorial for the first time and spoke to hundreds of people."

Favorite place to grab a beer before/after a Cardinals game?

Fast Eddie's Bon Air

"Fast Eddie's is the ultimate stop for all of us on the east side."


What is your perfect day in St. Louis?

Anheuser-Busch Brewery Tours

"Lunch with my wife on the Hill, and maybe go on the AB brewery tour one more time."



This election season has been stressful, where do you go to unwind?

Olympika Restaurant

"My favorite local bar near me is the Olympika Restaurant in Swansea."

You do not have to tell us who you are voting for but are you still undecided?

"I've decided, but I'm not telling anyone. I want the discussion to be about making your own voice heard, not mine."

Do you have a go-to date night spot with Mrs. Bone? And is she tired of seeing you in the red sweater?

La Casa Mexicana

"We go right down the road to Casa Mexicana, a local Mexican restaurant, and I don't wear the sweater."

Favorite restaurant in St. Louis?

Espino's Mexican Bar & Grill

"Espino's Mexican Grill is a fantastic spot. It feels so upscale, and yet down to earth. The staff could not be better and the food is the best Mexican and the best seafood around."